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Imagen de la noticia ARCA arrives in Colombia, attracting the interest of institutions and the media

ARCA arrives in Colombia, attracting the interest of institutions and the media

The ARCA solar generator has already landed in Colombia, where on October 28 and 29 it will be presented exclusively to different institutions in order to show its high capacities to fight against electricity exclusion in non-interconnected areas.

Everything is now ready at the W Hotel in Bogota, where a team formed by members of Solartia and IED, creators of this innovative product, will demonstrate in situ the functionalities of this solar generator: robustness, low maintenance, safety, ease of installation…

But ARCA is not only a generator with storage, but also an information system, since it is designed to communicate with the end user and monitor human behavior, aspects that we consider key in these non-interconnected areas,” says Iñigo Ayerra, CEO of IED.

ARCA’s ability to offer an alternative solution to favor access to energy has aroused great media interest in Colombia, where the country’s main media outlets have echoed this presentation and have reported in depth on ARCA’s origin and capabilities.

Below are some interviews conducted by Emilio Mendivil, CEO of Solartia, and Iñigo Ayerra, CEO of IED:

The Republic

For both companies, Colombia is the ideal country for ARCA to take full advantage of its capabilities, as it is an environment where non-interconnected areas are located in a complex orography. “We are convinced that it will provide a boost in terms of improving access to energy for these people, who will undoubtedly see an improvement in their quality of life. In addition, we believe that ARCA will contribute to reducing poverty, preserving the environment and even promoting gender equality”, says Emilio Mendívil.