Energía inclusiva


ARCA’s objective is to develop
affordable products under the concept
of Energy Inclusion.

We work to ensure that the populations of the most disadvantaged areas of the planet not only have lighting, but also that they have enough energy to guarantee the basic electrical inclusion of these areas.

An electrical inclusion must go beyond guaranteeing lighting inside a home, it must guarantee an information system with the world, a communication system and a minimum cooling system.

For this reason, at ARCA we have created a generator of Inclusive Electricity designed to provide a robust and effective solution to people’s basic difficulties.

ARCA is an instrument for development as well as a tool that generates electricity.

We focus on the solutions it generates in social, health, educational and geopolitical terms.

We try to respond to a superior model of generator, designed to face its mission from the functional point of view: a generator that lasts over time, solid, robust, easy to install and use; which also has connectivity modules, designed to communicate and have access to data to prevent risk or emergency situations.